MCSA 2003 (Microsoft Certified Administrator)

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Two core exams on networking system:

Exam 70-290 : Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003:

  • Managing Users, Computers and Groups.
  • Configure access to shared folders.
  • Managing and Maintaining a Server Environment.
  • Manage software update infrastructure.
  • Monitor file and print servers.
  • Manage a Web server using IIS. .
  • Manage basic disks and dynamic disks.
  • Install and configure server hardware devices.
  • Managing and Implementing Disaster Recovery.
  • Manage backup procedures and recover from the backup.
  • Recover from server hardware failure.

Exam 70-291 : Implementing, Managing and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure:

  • Implementing, Managing and Maintaining IP Addressing.
  • Configure TCP/IP addressing on a server computer using DHCP.
  • Implementing, Managing and Maintaining Name Resolution using DNS Server.
  • Implementing, Managing and Maintaining Routing and Remote Access.
  • Configure remote access authentication protocols.
  • Implement secure access between private networks.
  • Manage Routing and Remote Access routing interfaces.
  • Maintaining a Network Infrastructure.

One core exam on client operating system:

Exam 70-270 : Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows® XP Professional:

  • Installing Windows XP Professional.
  • Implementing and Conducting Administration of Resources.
  • Manage and troubleshoot access to shared folders.
  • Connect to local and network print devices.
  • Implementing, Managing and Troubleshooting Hardware Devices and Drivers.
  • Monitoring and Optimizing System Performance and Reliability.
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting the Desktop Environment.
  • Implementing, Managing and Troubleshooting Network Protocols and Services.
  • Configuring, Managing and Troubleshooting Security.
  • Configure, manage and troubleshoot Internet Explorer security settings. 

One Elective exam

Exam 70-620 : Windows Vista, Configuring:

  • Install and configure the operating system and device drivers.
  • Configure User Access Control and security settings.
  • Set up and troubleshoot network connections, Windows Firewall, and remote access.
  • Configure Windows Media Center, Windows Sidebar, and other built-in applications.
  • Set up mobile devices and Tablet PCs.
  • Troubleshoot and optimize system performance and reliability.