CANAC-(Implementing CISCO NAC Appliance)

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  • Introducing Cisco Self-Defending Networks.
  • Introducing Cisco NAC Appliance.
  • Introducing In-band and Out-of-band Deployment Options.
  • Configuring User Roles and External Authentication.
  • Configuring DHCP on the Cisco NAS.
  • Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance In-Band deployment.
  • Implementing the Microsoft Windows SSO and Cisco VPN SS0 on cisco NAC Appliance.
  • Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance Out-of-band Deployment.
  • Managing Switches.
  • Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance and Network Scanning on a Network.
  • Configuring Cisco NAM to implement the cisco NAA on User Devices
  • Configuring Cisco NAS and NAM High Availability
  • Monitoring the Cisco NAC appliance Deployment
  • Administering the Cisco NAM